How can I spend 3 days in Udaipur?

How can I spend 3 days in Udaipur? Udaipur Itinerary for 3 Days

Lake Pichola, Jag Niwas, Jag Mandir, City Palace, Gangaur Ghat, Jagdish Temple, Jain Temples, Bagore Ki Haveli, Udaipur Solar Observatory, Neemach Mata Temple, Kumbhalgarh fort, Eklingji Temple, Ahar Cenotaph, Fateh Sagar Lake, Saheliyon Ki Bari, The Monsoon Palace and many more.

How many days are sufficient for Udaipur? Two days are more than enough to let the beauty of Udaipur envelop you. Here’re the places to eat, stay and visit once there.

For which things is Udaipur famous? Rajasthan’s best-selling items range from precious stones jewellery, bright colourful textiles, meenakari items, gemstone paintings, oxidized silver & copper items, Pichwai & miniature paintings, sculptures, panels, paintings, and other items in marble stone.

How can I plan my itinerary in Udaipur? 

Udaipur itinerary for 3 days- The Ultimate Udaipur tour plan
  1. Udaipur Trip.
  2. Day 1- Arrival in Udaipur followed by a visit to City Palace and Lake Pichola.
  3. Day 2- Visit Kumbhalgarh Fort and Ambrai Ghat.
  4. Day 3- Shopping at Hathipole Market and departure.

How can I spend 3 days in Udaipur? – Additional Questions

How much does Udaipur trip cost?

Total Cost of the Trip*:
Expenses Cost for 2 Nights (per person)
Hotels Rs 3,000 (per person, approx.)
Food Rs 2,500 (per person, approx.)
Miscellaneous Rs 1,500
Total Rs 9,000

1 more row

What is the best time to visit Udaipur?

The best time to visit Udaipur is between the months of September and March. However, depending on what you want to do, here’s a monthly breakup of Udaipur’s climatic conditions so that you can plan when to go: November to February: These months constitute the winter season in Udaipur.

How can I plan 4 days in Udaipur?

  1. 1 City Palace – Udaipur. Historical & Heritage. Duration of visit: 2 Hours.
  2. 2 Lake Pichola. Lake & Backwaters. Duration of visit: 30 Mins – 1 Hr.
  3. 3 Bagore Ki Haveli. Historical & Heritage. Duration of visit: 1 Hour.
  4. 4 Jagdish Temple. Historical & Heritage | Pilgrimage. Duration of visit: 30 Mins – 1 Hr.

How can I plan a solo trip to Udaipur?

Read about my 3-days expedition to know what not to miss when in Udaipur.
  1. Bunkyard Hostel. Tariff- Rs.400.
  2. City Palace. Entry Fee- Rs.300.
  3. Bagore Ki Haveli Museum. Entry Fee- Rs.50 (for museum)
  4. Lake Pichola.
  5. Fateh Sagar Lake.
  6. Zostel Udaipur.
  7. Vintage & Classic Car Collection Museum.
  8. Sahelion Ki Bari.

How can I plan one day in Udaipur?

  1. 1 Jagdish Temple. Historical & Heritage | Pilgrimage.
  2. 2 City Palace – Udaipur. Historical & Heritage.
  3. 3 Lake Pichola. Lake & Backwaters.
  4. 4 Lake Palace – Udaipur. Historical & Heritage.
  5. 5 Jag Mandir Palace.
  6. 6 Bagore Ki Haveli.

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