Is 2 days enough to visit London?

Is 2 days enough to visit London? Even though two days will be rushed and you won’t be able to see everything, visiting London for 2 days is absolutely worth it. You’ll be able to see most of the main highlights, visit a few attractions, and get a good idea of what London is like. No doubt, you’ll want to come back for a longer visit!

What should I not miss in London? 

London Itinerary: 8 Things You Absolutely Cannot Miss
  • The London Eye.
  • Houses of Parliament.
  • Westminister Abbey + Big Ben.
  • Buckingham Palace.
  • Covent Garden.
  • And many more!

How can I spend 48 hours in London? 

How to Do London in 48 hours – on a Budget
  1. Catch the sunrise at Richmond Park.
  2. While away the morning at the Lisson Gallery.
  3. Stop off at the Whitechapel Gallery.
  4. Look for bargains at the Southbank Book Market.
  5. Take in the sights of the South Bank.
  6. Stop for lunch at Borough Market.
  7. Explore Spitalfields and the City.

What can I do in London in 3 days? 

3 Days in London: A Perfect 72 Hour London Itinerary
  1. Parliament Square & Houses of Parliament.
  2. Westminster Abbey.
  3. Churchill War Rooms.
  4. St. James’s Park.
  5. Buckingham Palace.
  6. Piccadilly Circus.
  7. Trafalgar Square & the National Gallery.
  8. Whitehall.

Is 2 days enough to visit London? – Additional Questions

Where should a first time tourist stay in London?

Mayfair is the best area to stay in London for first time visitors to the city because of its proximity to Hyde Park, Green Park, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. The architecture and tiny side streets also make Mayfair one of the most instagrammable spots in London.

Where should I avoid staying in London?

Top 10 places Londoners rank and find the ‘most dangerous’
  1. Croydon – 4,781. The most dangerous borough in London so far this year is Croydon.
  2. Newham – 4,733.
  3. Tower Hamlets – 4,572.
  4. Southwark – 4,192.
  5. Hackney – 4,140.
  6. Ealing – 4,073.
  7. Lambeth – 4,043.
  8. Westminster – 4,012.

What can you do in London in 72 hours?

A Weekend in London Itinerary
  • A Picturesque Day in London. Notting Hill. Portobello Road Market. Kensington Gardens and Kensington Palace. Hyde Park.
  • London’s Landmarks. Buckingham Palace. Westminster Abbey. Churchill War Rooms. Big Ben.
  • London Culture and Cuisine. The British Museum. St. Paul’s Cathedral. Borough Market.

How many days is enough for London?

A solo trip to London can be an amazing way to see the city, and I would recommend planning for at least 4-5 days to really get a feel for everything.

How many days do you need to see London England?

If you’re looking for enough time to be able to enjoy the city, including some “down time” in pubs and parks, etc., I’d personally recommend at least 6-7 days. But if you just want a taste, you can plan a good itinerary for fewer days. Enjoy your trip! And remember, hopefully you will return many times.

How much should I budget for a trip to London?

The average price of a 7-day trip to London is $2,549 for a solo traveler, $3,898 for a couple, and $6,596 for a family, with the main components of cost being (1) flights, (2) hotels/accommodation, and (3) meals.

What is the cheapest month to go to London?

The most affordable time to visit London will almost always be the winter months of January and February, as the holiday season is over and there’s not a whole lot going on. Hotels in London are almost always busy, so there usually isn’t a season in which you can expect much better prices on your hotel room.

What is the best time of year to visit London?

The weather is warmest in summer and it is hands down the best climate to visit London. This is also when the city hosts numerous events and you can feel the vibrant buzz of the city during these months. September to October is a much under-appreciated time to visit London. This is the next best season to visit London.

Should I bring cash to London?

Most people suggest that it’s not a great idea to carry around lots of cash– there are ATMs all over the place so no need to decide in advance unless your bank charges a lot for overseas withdrawals. Credit and debit cards are accepted everywhere.

How much does a meal cost in London?

While meal prices in London can vary, the average cost of food in London is £29 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in London should cost around £11 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

How do you pay for things in London?

They’re widely accepted—You can pay for just about anything with a debit card in the UK, from a carton of milk and the day’s newspapers or beer in a pub, to large expensive goods. In the UK, people can even pay their taxes and electricity bills with a debit card. Cash machines, or ATMs are everywhere.

Can I use my debit card in London?

Using credit cards and debit cards in the UK

All major credit and debit providers are accepted across the UK, especially Visa and MasterCard. American Express and Diners Club may not be accepted in all restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops. In general though,, you’ll be able to use your card in most places.

How much cash should I carry to UK?

You must declare cash of £10,000 or more to UK customs if you’re carrying it between Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and a country outside the UK. If you’re travelling as a family or group with more than £10,000 in total (even if individuals are carrying less than that) you still need to make a declaration.

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