Is 7 days enough for Bali?

Is 7 days enough for Bali? IS IT A 7 DAY BALI ITINERARY ENOUGH OR DO I NEED MORE TIME? If you just want to visit the main island, a week in Bali is perfect for seeing the most important things. However, if you also want to visit the Gili or the Nusa Islands, I would recommend you spend 8 days in Bali.

How many days in Bali is enough? To really enjoy your holiday in Bali you would need to spend at least 6-10 days as 3-4 days is more like business trip can’t do much.

How much is 7 days in Bali? 

Bali trip cost for one week
Estimated Costs
Accommodations $480 ($100 X 6 nights)
Transportation and attractions $120
Food and drink $175 ($25 X 6 7 days)
Random spending $100

What should I avoid in Bali? 

11 Things to Avoid in Bali: What Not to Do in Bali
  • Driving a scooter without a licence.
  • Drugs.
  • Un-regulated boats.
  • Arak.
  • Drinking tap water.
  • Dressing disrespectfully.
  • Stepping on ceremonial offerings.
  • Stray dogs and cats.

Is 7 days enough for Bali? – Additional Questions

What is the best month to go to Bali?

October, January, and February are Bali’s true off-season. All three months are officially the rainy period (January sees the most rainfall), which means you won’t find crowds in search of perfect beach weather and diving conditions.

What you cant do in Bali?

Avoid Using Your Left Hand For Giving Or Accepting Things

The left hand in Bali is considered an unclean part of the body. Therefore it is the right hand that the locals use most of the time to do something important, such as giving or gifting somebody something, pointing, eating and so on.

What are the do’s and don’ts in Bali?

Dos And Don’ts When Visiting Bali
  • DO: Cover Up In The Temples.
  • DON’T: Use Your Left Hand When Giving/Receiving.
  • DO: Leave Your Shoes Outside.
  • DON’T: Touch People’s Heads.
  • DO: Be Careful Where You Step.
  • DON’T: Drink Tap Water.
  • DO: Haggle – But Not Too Hard.

Are snakes common in Bali?

Snakes are fairly common in Bali – the island is home to 35 species of snake. However, they tend to inhabit more rural areas such as rice fields, forests and patches of thick vegetation. This means you’re not likely to come across a snake in the more built up, tourist zones of the island.

Which part of Bali is the safest?

What are the safest areas in Bali? Sanur, Uluwatu and Ubud are the safest areas in Bali. Most pickpocketing crimes occur in Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu, since those are the busy hotspots of the island. The further away you are from those areas, the safer you’ll be.

Are there a lot of sharks in Bali?

Let’s get the heavy stuff out of the way first. Short answer; Yes, there are sharks in Bali. There is a great deal of White Tip and Black Tip Reef Sharks around the reefs of Nusa Dua and Padang Bai, but they are pretty shy and no threat to humans.

Is there crocodiles in Bali?

Are there crocodiles in Bali? While there are saltwater crocodiles in Indonesia, there are no established populations in Bali. These are one of the most dangerous animals in the world, however, they cause no real threat in Bali.

Are there tigers in Bali?

The Bali tiger was extinct in the 1930s and Java tiger in 1970s. Today, fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers exist. The last of Indonesia’s tigers are holding on for survival against deforestation, poaching, and human-tiger conflicts. When humans interfere with the ecosystem, animal habitats are inevitably affected.

Can you swim in Bali?

Yes, you can swim at Bali beaches. It is perfectly safe, and there is much you can do after enjoying a good dip. But even during peak season, make sure to check in with the locals and lifeguards while heeding safety signs and the red flags placed at the beach. This will help you and your loved ones keep safe.

Are there jellyfish in Bali?

Bali Jellyfish

There are often jellyfish in the waters around Bali but these are usually just a bit painful and not dangerous. I got stung while trying to signal to my Mum that there was one next to her while snorkeling in Nusa Penida; it was a tiny little guy but it left a sting and a rash.

Which is the nicest beach in Bali?


Known as Bali’s “most stylish and upscale beach resort area,” this is one of the most popular and best beaches in Bali. The small villages and warungs found in other areas of the island lie in direct contrast to the eclectic fashion boutiques and upscale restaurants near this pretty beach.

Which side of Bali has the best beaches?

Most of the best beaches in Bali are found in the south: around Kuta, Jimbaran, and the Bukit Peninsula. Some of these are also very busy (particularly the coast from Kuta to Seminyak). If you get a taxi it’s easy to find some great stretches of sand with few other tourists.

Are beaches in Bali dirty?

Bali’s southwest beaches accumulate plastic rubbish as rains and winds blow each year from west to east. While much of it is related to tourism, some comes from locals and some arrivals on ocean current from other parts of Indonesia.

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