Is there anything to do in Estonia?

Is there anything to do in Estonia? some of the most interesting things in Estonia are the remains and traces of war and the Soviet soldiers which help bring history to life. From the rich history to the interesting art to the cool culture, Estonia is a wonderful destination for your holiday.

Is Estonia worth visiting? Known for its medieval architecture and beautiful natural scenery, the small Baltic country of Estonia is worth a visit. Estonia has five national parks, stretches of coastline, and countless charming towns and cities to visit. Whatever type of traveler you are, you’re sure to find something to do in Estonia.

How many days are enough for Estonia? What is this? However, Tallinn has a lot more to offer tourists than its compact (albeit absolutely beautiful) Old Town, which is why we recommend you spend at least 3 days in Tallinn, however, four days is best to really get to know the city.

Is Tartu worth visiting? nice place to visit and it is very easy to get round and there is also plenty to see but you can pack it all in one day. take a walk along the river and take time to sit and watch life going by.

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How many days do you need in Tartu?

Though very few international tourists visit this Estonian city and most of those who do are only there for a short day trip, we would recommend spending at least two full days in Tartu. This will give you enough time to get a good feel of the city and enjoy some of its unique culture and atmosphere.

Is Pärnu worth visiting?

In 2018, Lonely Planet selected Pärnu as one of the Top 10 lesser-known beach cities worth visiting in the world. Pärnu Beach is the reason that the city is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each summer. It is the biggest and most beautiful beach in Estonia. Everyone has a good time here.

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