What is a decent IRONMAN 70.3 time?

What is a decent IRONMAN 70.3 time? What’s a good 70.3 triathlon time? After crunching the numbers, the average Ironman 70.3 finish time is 5:51 for men and 6:18 for women. If we start to consider variations between races (some 70.3 courses are considered “easier” than others), then we see male average times vary from 5:03 through to 7:15.

How do you qualify for the 70.3 World Championship? To apply, contact IRONMAN Foundation Executive Director, Audra Tassone-Indeck at audra.tassone-indeck@ironman.com. Qualification is not required, however, athletes will need to complete at least one IRONMAN 70.3 distance race before the end of the qualification period (August 21, 2022).

What is the average time for a Half Ironman? A Half Ironman is just over double the distance of an Olympic distance triathlon and includes a 1900m swim, a 90km bike, and a 21.1km run to end with. The finishing average time for a Half Ironman is 6 hours and 4 minutes.

What are the age groups for Ironman? 

Looking to take on an IRONMAN 140.6?
  • Women’s age-group: 18-24.
  • Women’s age-group: 25-29.
  • Women’s age-group: 30-34.
  • Women’s age-group: 35-39.
  • Women’s age-group: 40-44.
  • Women’s age-group: 45-49.
  • Women’s age-group: 50-54.
  • Women’s age-group: 55-59.

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How do age groups work in triathlon?

British Triathlon Age Group Categories:

Seniors 1: 20-24. Seniors 2: 25-29. Seniors 3: 30-34. Seniors 4: 35-39.

Can I do an Ironman at 40?

You can complete a triathlon at any time, especially if you start training after 40. The first thing you need to do is to visualize your end result: crossing the finish line.

Can I do an Ironman at 60?

Some “Duracell bunnies” keep marching right into their 70s due to a combination of durability, genetics and good luck. These people are capable of doing a sub 11-hour Ironman into their 60s. However, they are in the minority. Finish times are generally about 30 minutes longer for each age group over 50.

Who is the oldest person to complete an Ironman?

At 89 years old, Hiromu Inada is still racing—and learning. The Guinness world record holder for the oldest person to complete an Ironman, Inada said he watched the triathlon event at the Tokyo Olympics to pick up some pointers and analyze their leg movements and posture. “There’s so much to learn.

How long do you need to train for a full Ironman?

Ironman triathlon: how long does it take to train for one if you’re starting from scratch? To do an Ironman safely, your body needs three years plus of endurance training, which may include marathons, long-distance cycle sportives and triathlons.

How do you qualify for an Ironman?

Join Triathlete

Earn a slot at one of the full-distance qualifiers held around the world by winning or placing high in your age group or special division (such as in the Executive Challenge division) Race a minimum of 12 Ironman-branded races in your lifetime for chance at a “legacy” slot.

How much money do you get if you win the Ironman?

Prize money breakdown

The 2021/22 IronMan and IronWoman Series has a total prize pool of $224,000. Winnings will be split evenly between the IronMen and the IronWomen, with both genders receiving an equivalent amount of winnings for each race and overall placings.

How many calories do you burn in an Ironman triathlon?

Put all the sports together and you’ll burn 7,000 calories or more during the course of the race. An elite athlete racing at the most aggressive paces in all three sports and finishing in eight to nine hours could burn 8,000 to 10,000 calories.

Do you need your own bike for Ironman?

Yes, you will need a bike. No, it does not need to be expensive. We see people do triathlons on their old mountain bikes, hybrids, or other slower bikes — and especially with a couple simple modifications these bikes can do very well. If you can, try to use a road bike, even if you simply borrow one from a friend.

Do triathletes Pee on the bike?

On to the matter at hand – yes, some triathletes do, in fact, pee on their bikes.

How do you go to the bathroom during an Ironman?

The perfect option to urinate during Ironman is to use the toilet stops placed at bike aid stations along the route. Cycists can find a bathroom every 12-15 miles of the course which is approximately 30 minutes for those who ride at 20 miles per hour.

Can I listen to music during an Ironman?

Rule 1: Unplug your iPod. For safety’s sake, you can’t blast “Born to Run”, or any music, during the race.

Do you change clothes in an Ironman?

You can opt to change into clothes specific to each leg of the race—or not. Some triathletes choose to do the whole race in a swimsuit for quicker transitions. Other swimmers simply pull on a pair of shorts before jumping on their bike.

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