What is Slovakia best known for?

What is Slovakia best known for? It has the world’s highest number of castles and châteaux

Slovakia has 180 castles and 425 châteaux – the world’s highest number of castles and châteaux per capita. Not bad for a country that is less than half the size of New York state.

Is Slovakia worth visiting? 1) UNSPOILED AND UNTOUCHED. Nowadays it can be quite difficult to find a unique destination. Slovakia is still ‘off-the-beaten-path’, undiscovered by masses of tourists. I believe that it’s only a matter of time when more and more travellers will discover its beauty and start to visit.

Is Slovakia cheap for tourists? Is Slovakia Cheap? YES! It’s a Rare Travel Bargain in Europe. Slovakia is not as cheap as Bulgaria, Romania, or Hungary, but it does offer better values than most of the rest of Europe, plus you get the advantage of feeling like a pioneer.

Which towns and places in Slovakia are the most attractive for foreign tourists? 

10 Best Places to Visit in Slovakia
  1. Bratislava[SEE MAP]
  2. High Tatras[SEE MAP]
  3. Banska Stiavnica[SEE MAP]
  4. Spis Castle[SEE MAP]
  5. Levoca[SEE MAP]
  6. Kosice[SEE MAP]
  7. Slovak Paradise National Park[SEE MAP]
  8. Bardejov[SEE MAP]

What is Slovakia best known for? – Additional Questions

Is Bratislava worth visiting?

Bratislava is definitely worth visiting if you expect to see something new and not expecting much comfort or super touristy attractions like in western europe. Before visiting, you need to understand that it was never meant to be a capital and was not built as one (unlike Prague, Budapest etc).

How many days do you need in Bratislava?

Bratislava is a charming city, but with only a few main attractions it is possible to see the city in just one or two days. Two days is better if you want to have enough time to visit beyond the Old Town and go outside to the countryside, famous for its wine.

How many castles are there in Slovakia?

Slovakia is a castle superpower. Slovakia has abundant cultural and historical, fortified and stately buildings. There are more than 100 castles and at least double this number of manor houses built in different historical eras.

What does Slovakia have to offer?

Once part of Czechoslovakia, this mountainous, somewhat sparsely populated country has much to offer visitors. Known for its national parks, scenic hiking trails, and hundreds of caves – some of which are UNESCO-protected sites – Slovakia is a dream destination for outdoor lovers.

What is the Slovak currency?

Slovakia / Currency

The euro is the official currency of 19 out of the 27 member states of the European Union. This group of states is known as the eurozone or, officially, the euro area, and includes about 349 million citizens as of 2019. The euro is divided into 100 cents.


What is the capital of Slovakia?

Its capital, Bratislava, eccentrically located in the extreme southwest of the country, has been known by several different names—Pozsony in Hungarian, Pressburg in German, and Prešporok in Slovak—and for three centuries served as the capital of Hungary.

Is Slovakia white?

The Slovaks (Slovak: Slováci, singular: Slovák, feminine: Slovenka, plural: Slovenky) are a West Slavic ethnic group and nation native to Slovakia who share a common ancestry, culture, history and speak Slovak.


Total population
United Kingdom 85,000
Canada 72,290
Germany 62,235
Serbia 52,750

Why is Bratislava famous?

Today Bratislava is the political, cultural and economic centre of Slovakia. It is the seat of the Slovak president, the parliament and the Slovak Executive. It has several universities, and many museums, theatres, galleries and other cultural and educational institutions.

What language do Slovakians speak?

Slovakia / Official language

Slovak is a West Slavic language of the Czech–Slovak group, written in Latin script. It is part of the Indo-European language family, and is one of the Slavic languages, which are part of the larger Balto-Slavic branch.


How do you say hello in Slovak?

1. Saying hello and goodbye
  1. Hello – Dobrý deň (pronounced DOH-bree deñ)
  2. Good night – Dobrú noc (pronounced DOH-broo nohts)
  3. Yes – Áno (pronounced AAH-noh)
  4. No – Nie (pronounced NYEE_eh)
  5. How are you?
  6. Thank you – Ďakujem (pronounced JAH-koo-yehm)
  7. You are welcome -Prosím (pronounced PROH-seem)

What does zedo mean in Slovak?

“Zedo” sounds exactly like “Dzedo”, a saris word for grandfather.

How do you say thank you in Slovakia?

If you want to be polite and thankful, you can use word ‘Ďakujem’ for ‘Thank you’ and word ‘Prosím’ for ‘Please’.

What is the most popular food in Slovakia?

10 Traditional Slovak Dishes You Must Try
  • Dumplings with sheep’s cheese (bryndzové halušky)
  • Pierogis stuffed with bryndza (bryndzové pirohy)
  • Cabbage soup (kapustnica)
  • Pork with dumplings and cabbage (vepřo knedlo zelo)
  • Goulash soup (gulášová polievka)
  • Fried cheese with French fries and tartar sauce (vyprážaný syr)

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