What is special about John O Groats?

What is special about John O Groats? The name John o’ Groats has a particular resonance because it is often used as a starting or ending point for cycles, walks, and charitable events to and from Land’s End (at the extreme south-western tip of the Cornish peninsula in England).

Can you see northern lights in John O Groats? The further north you are, the better your chances of witnessing the aurora. On the British mainland, in John o’ Groats, you are as far north as it is possible to be and your chances are maxmised.

What can you see between John O Groats and tongue? 

7 Amazing Things To Do Around John O’Groats
  • Breathtaking coastal walks. Duncansby Head, near John O’Groats.
  • The Castle and Gardens of Mey. The Castle and Gardens of Mey.
  • Castle Sinclair Girnigoe. Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, near Wick.
  • Pulteney Distillery.
  • Orkney day trip.
  • North Coast 500.
  • Northern Lights spotting.

What is there to do between John O Groats and Inverness? 

Best Attractions to Visit:
  • Beauly Priory.
  • Camster Cairns.
  • Chanonry Point.
  • Dunrobin Castle and Gardens.
  • Inverness Castle.
  • Loch Ness.

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Is Wick worth visiting?

Wick is a popular destination for those visiting Scottish beaches for water sports during the summer. Wick and Sinclair’s Bay’s most popular choices for visitors are windsurfing and sand-yachting. You can also visit Wick Harbour Marina and River Wick and enjoy an exciting tour of the East Caithness coastline.

Is Thurso worth visiting?

The most northerly town in mainland Scotland, Thurso is a great base for exploring the surrounding countryside. There’s plenty to see and do in and around the delightful town of Thurso. The town is a hive of lovely traditional shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Can you see the Northern Lights from Thurso?

The northernmost point in mainland Scotland is also a stunning location and a fantastic base to spot the northern lights. Conveniently located near Thurso, this is indeed one of the best spots to catch the Aurora without having to sail to the islands.

Is Caithness worth visiting?

Caithness has history in abundance – castles, Neolithic burial cairns, iron age brochs and ancient standing stones can be found at every turn. Two of Scotland’s most dramatic castles (and two of my favourites) teeter precariously on Caithness clifftops.

Is Thurso safe?

Stay safe[edit]

Thurso has a suffered a reputation of high unemployment rates and problems with drugs, but incidents are few and far between. Tourist areas are well lit at night and often busy so no need to worry about wandering at night.

How can I see the Northern Lights in Scotland?

Where to see the northern lights in Scotland
  1. North West Scotland. The Highland regions of Sutherland and Caithness are prime areas for spotting the northern lights in Scotland.
  2. The Shetland Islands.
  3. The Outer Hebrides.
  4. The Isle of Skye.
  5. Morayshire and Aberdeenshire.
  6. The Cairngorms National Park.

Does anyone live in Dunrobin Castle?

Since 1973, the house and grounds have been open to the public, with private accommodation retained for the use of the Sutherland family.

Why is it called John O Groats?

Understand[edit] John o’Groats takes its name from one Jan de Groot, a Dutchman who obtained a grant for the ferry from the Scottish mainland to the island of Orkney, recently acquired from Norway, from the Scottish King James IV in 1496.

How far north does the train go in Scotland?

Inverness to Thurso & Wick by rail. The far north of Scotland is home to unspoiled landscapes perfect for a relaxing break, but it’s still easy to get there by train. Trains run north from Inverness to Thurso and onto Wick in just four and a half hours.

What is the most scenic train ride in Scotland?

Fittingly, the West Highland Line is considered by many to be the most scenic rail journey in the world. Heading north through the wilds of the west coast, you can see parts of the country only visible by train as you pass through Loch Lomond and the stunning Trossachs National Park.

How long is the train journey from Inverness to Thurso?

The average journey time by train between Inverness and Thurso is 3 hours and 50 minutes, with around 8 trains per day.

What is the most northern train station in Scotland?


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