What should I do in Barcelona in 3 days?

What should I do in Barcelona in 3 days? With 3 days in Barcelona, you can visit the icons of this city… Gaudí’s masterpieces (the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, Casa Mila, and Park Güell), stroll through the Gothic Quarter, dine on tapas, go to the beach, and watch the sunset from a rooftop bar.

Are 3 days enough for Barcelona? The best amount of time to spend in Barcelona is between 3-4 days. If you spend up to 4 days in the city, you will have adequate time to visit all of the best attractions that Barcelona has to offer. You can easily spend a full day exploring the surrounding mountains in the city.

How many days is ideal for Barcelona? Barcelona is easily worth two days, and no one would regret having a third day (or a fourth, or a fifth…). If you can spare only one full day for the city, it will be a scramble, but a day you’ll never forget.

What should I avoid in Barcelona? 

What Not To Do in Barcelona: Top 10 Tourist Fails To Avoid
  • Expect people to speak English.
  • Leave a tip.
  • Pay for basic tapas.
  • Pay for a walking tour.
  • Go to a Flamenco show.
  • Show up at La Sagrada Familia without a ticket.
  • Buy anything on Las Ramblas.
  • Order paella that’s advertised with stock photos.

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What should you not wear in Spain?

Nix the dirty denim, sports t-shirts and shabby shoes, especially if you’re visiting style-conscious cities like Madrid and Barcelona. It’s all in the fit. Baggy shirts and shorts just won’t cut it in Spain.

What is the best month to visit Barcelona?

The best time to visit the Barcelona is from May to June when balmy temperatures in the low to mid-70s mesh with a flurry of festivals that trumpet the advent of summer. The actual summertime is sticky with humidity – locals leave their beloved city in droves to catch a breeze somewhere else.

What is the most visited place in Barcelona?

La Sagrada Familia is the most popular attractions in Barcelona, attracting nearly 2.8 million visitors each year. It is a large and intricate basilica designed by Antoni Gaudi, a Catalan architect. Construction began in 1882 and continues to this day.

Is it better to go to Barcelona or Madrid?

Cheaper, with more variety, better food, and generally more to do than Barcelona, Madrid gets the top prize for a longer trip. If you’re in the south of France and want a quick weekend in Spain and to experience Gaudi’s architecture, Barcelona is the one for you.

What’s the best area to stay in Barcelona?

The 9 Best Neighborhoods in Barcelona for Tourists
  1. Barri Gòtic. If you’re looking to stay in the heart of Barcelona, you can’t get more central than the medieval Barri Gòtic – the city’s historical heart.
  2. El Raval.
  3. El Born.
  4. Eixample.
  5. Montjuïc.
  6. Gràcia.
  7. Barceloneta.
  8. Poble Sec.

Do and don’ts in Barcelona?

  • Do try to learn a few words in Spanish and Catalan.
  • Do try to adhere to local customs and schedules.
  • Don’t get too political.
  • Don’t eat on La Rambla if you can avoid it.
  • Do visit Barcelona’s wine bars.
  • Don’t tip 20% on your restaurant bill.
  • Do take a cooking class.
  • Don’t try to go to dinner at 6 p.m.

Where should you not stay in Barcelona?

  • Raval. In the southern part of the old town (Gothic) is an area to avoid: Raval.
  • La Mina and Sant Adrià de Besòs. As you walk through the streets of La Mina, you’ll probably notice the amount of trash.
  • La Rambla and El Born. La Rambla becomes a stronghold for prostitutes and johns at night.

Is it safe to walk in Barcelona at night?

It’s GENERALLY safe to walk around late at night. But it’s always best to avoid areas that lack crowds of people e.g. deserted streets, quiet alleys. Do as you’d do at home and avoid them if you’re walking around by yourself. We’d recommend that you take a taxi instead of walking home by yourself at night.

What do I need to know before going to Barcelona?

10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Barcelona
  • Barcelona is the Capital of Catalonia.
  • There are Two Co-Official Languages in Barcelona.
  • It’s Not Barça.
  • Pickpocketers are Professionals.
  • This is Not Your Stereotypical Spain.
  • The Schedule Might Take Some Getting Used To.
  • Gaudi is Great, But There’s So Much More!

Is it OK to wear shorts in Barcelona?

Locals won’t be wearing shorts outside the summer season and you will stand out as a tourist if you are wearing yours. Up to you though! Don’t wear your beach / swimwear around the city, this isn’t the done thing. There are no laws or rules against this but you might get some strange looks from the locals if you do.

Do you tip at restaurants in Barcelona?

While tipping isn’t expected in Spain, it is always welcome, and if you feel so inclined you can be sure that your contribution will be appreciated. On the other hand, if you experience bad or surly service, don’t feel obligated to leave a tip. Restaurant checks always include service.

Is Barcelona a walkable city?

As anyone who has visited knows, Barcelona is absolutely dreamy — one of the most pleasant, walkable cities on Earth, filled with markets, sidewalk cafes, and bustling street life.

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