What should I experience in Krakow?

What should I experience in Krakow? 

55 Fun & Unusual Things to Do in Krakow, Poland
  • 1 – Wander around Wawel Royal Castle.
  • 2 – See what’s happening at Rynek, the Main Market Square.
  • 3 – Explore the Rynek Underground Museum.
  • 4 – Walk around Krakow Old Town.
  • 5 – Pay your respects at Auschwitz-Birkenau.
  • 6 – Soak in the history of Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter.

What’s Krakow famous for? 

What is Krakow Most Famous For?
  • Krakow Main Market Square.
  • Krakow’s Old Town.
  • St. Mary’s Basilica.
  • Oskar Schindler’s Factory.
  • Auschwitz.
  • Wawel Royal Castle.
  • Wawel Dragon.
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine.

How many days in Krakow is enough? We recommend that you spend at least a minimum of 2 days in Krakow, but ideally 3 days if you can spare the extra time. 2 days will give you just enough time to see most of the attractions in Krakow, and give you time for a full day trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Memorial.

Is 2 days in Krakow enough? Kraków is packed with things to do, but you can still see a lot in two days. This itinerary is perfect for getting the most out of two full days, such as a long weekend.

What should I experience in Krakow? – Additional Questions

How far is Auschwitz from Krakow city Centre?

How far is Auschwitz from Krakow? The concentration camp of Auschwitz and Birkenau is located in the city of Oświęcim, about 66 kilometres west of Krakow.

How do I get from Krakow airport to Old Town?

Train or bus from Krakow Airport (KRK) to Kraków Old Town? The best way to get from Krakow Airport (KRK) to Kraków Old Town is to line 902 bus which takes 30 min and costs 3 zł – 5 zł. Alternatively, you can train, which costs and takes 32 min.

How much is a 3 course meal in Kraków?

Krakow restaurant prices

A meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs around 4.70 € per person. A three course meal at a mid-range restaurant can be around 12-14 €.

Can you use euros in Kraków?

A few bars and tourist companies in Kraków and Warsaw will accept Euros but most of the time you won’t be able to pay with Euros in Poland. The few companies that do accept Euro probably won’t be able to give a very competitive rate, so it’s better to simply pay in Złoty.

How much is the train from Krakow Airport to city centre?

How much is the train from Krakow airport to city centre? A one way ticket from the airport to city centre costs 2.2€ (9PLN) while a return ticket costs 4.4€ (16PLN). Luggage is free of charge . Ticket machines can be found inside the airport, at every station and on board the train.

How can I spend 48 hours in Krakow?

Day one
  1. 9am: Breakfast in Cafe Camelot.
  2. 10am: Old Town Free Walking Tour.
  3. 12am: Stroll the Vistula.
  4. 12.30pm: Hummus Amamamusi.
  5. 2.30pm: Visit Schindler’s Factory.
  6. 4.30pm: Coffee in BAL.
  7. 5.30pm: Back to the Market Square.
  8. 6.30pm: Rynek Underground.

Is one day enough in Krakow?

The central point of the city, Kraków’s Main Market Square, is the largest one of its kind in Europe. You could quite happily spend a couple of days just wandering round and exploring everything it has to offer, and if you’re short on time, be sure to spend part of your day in Kraków in this lovely square.

Is Krakow worth visiting?

It’s Absolutely Beautiful

While many big cities in Central Europe are pretty, you will be hard-pressed to find an Old Town quite as beautiful as Krakow’s. Surrounded by medieval castle walls, lush parks, and cobbled streets and squares, the city is also incredibly walkable.

What part of Krakow is best to stay?

The old town is the most popular area to stay in Krakow, simply because it is close to almost everything and a beautiful place to start and end your days. However, you can also stay in Kazimierz or a less touristic neighborhood.

What is the best month to visit Krakow?

The best times to visit Kraków are from March to May and between September and November. The weather is pleasant and the summer’s throngs of tourists are nowhere to be found. July and August’s weather often climbs into the mid-70s, while the average low in January is in the low 20s.

How do I get from Krakow airport to city Centre?

The train is considered the best solution from the airport to the city centre of Krakow for its travel time and price. The train is available from 5:18am to 12:15am and has connections every 30 minutes. The journey from Krakow airport to Kraków Główny will take 20 minutes and the ticket price is 2.2€ (9PLN) for adults.

What is the Centre of Krakow called?

The main square (Polish: Rynek Główny [ˈrɨnɛk ˈɡwuvnɨ]) of the Old Town of Kraków, Lesser Poland, is the principal urban space located at the center of the city. It dates back to the 13th century, and at 3.79 ha (9.4 acres) is the largest medieval town square in Europe.

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