Who won at I-80 Speedway last night?

Who won at I-80 Speedway last night? The Headline(s) Jonathan Davenport bested Tim McCreadie at his own game late to win the Silver Dollar Nationals as the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series said goodbye to I-80 Speedway.

Who bought I-80 Speedway? I-80 Speedway opened in 1994. It was purchased by Land Developers Inc., 10 years later and the entire facility, which includes a kart track, was renamed Nebraska Raceway Park in 2005.

How big is Crawford County Speedway? Located at the Crawford County Fairgrounds, the speedway has been hosting racing since the 1950s. The size of the track has changed over the years from its original design as a sprawling half-mile to the current semi-banked three-eighths-mile (four-tenths-mile around the top) configuration, with wide, sweeping corners.

What size track is I-80 Speedway? In the spring of 2005, the Soaring Edge Motocross facility was open but was closed in 2009. The 4/10ths mile track was renamed I-80 Speedway and the entire facility was renamed Nebraska Raceway Park in 2005.

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